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Dr. Ju-Chun KO Universe
AI Legal Adaptation

AI and Digital Regulation Adaptation

The parliament needs to be forward-thinking, for AI to be applied effectively, and for technology to play a role in diplomacy.

The virtual world was once uninhabited, but now, thanks to virtual intelligence, it will be filled with "people". There are good people, bad people, real people, and fake people. We must adopt more advanced regulatory thinking, embrace virtual technology, wander through the virtual world, utilize virtual intelligence, combat virtual crime, help Taiwan, connect internationally, and step onto the world stage.

Transforming Taiwan into a Secure and Trusted Tech Island

  • Amend the "Cybersecurity Management Act" to reflect current circumstances.
  • Implement technological solutions to combat fraud, including AI-based fraud prevention measures, as part of the government's responsibility.
  • Support companies in enhancing their IT and cybersecurity leadership, resources, and training.

Shaping Taiwan as an AI-friendly Living Environment

  • Promote the passage of the "Preliminary Artificial Intelligence Act" through its third reading.
  • Develop the artificial intelligence and humanoid robot industries.
  • Enhance government services for the public by transitioning from electronic to virtual platforms through AI and virtual human technologies.

Promoting Taiwan as a Leading Digital Society with Advanced Web3 and Metaverse Technologies

  • Advance the development of a "Web3 Industry White Paper" and align it with international standards.
  • Oversee the Digital Ministry's resilience planning and related actions concerning digital advancements.
  • Strengthen the integration and introduction of blockchain, Web3, and metaverse technologies into industries, education, and culture through legislative inquiries.