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Dr. Ju-Chun KO Universe
What are JC's interests?

JC's Interests

Blockchain, AI, Virtual Technology

JC is deeply interested in blockchain, AI, and virtual technology. He enjoys researching these cutting-edge technologies with the hope of applying them to everyday life.

Always Opting for a Hot Americano

JC prefers drinking hot Americano, believing its aroma and rich flavor to be unparalleled compared to other types of coffee.

Favorite Board Game: Catan

JC’s favorite board game is Catan. Not only is he highly skilled at it, but he also views it as a highly strategic game that can enhance one's thinking abilities.

Favorite Filmmaker: Edward Yang

From the movie "Yi Yi," the protagonist Yang-Yang's famous line, "I want to tell people something they don't them stuff they haven't seen. And I think, that way, every day will be fun." JC wants to show people things they haven't seen!

Wearing the Same Outfit

There's no harm in buying several pieces of clothing you like and wearing the same outfit every day. Wearing colorful socks, in particular, gives a special sense of power!

Besides Coffee, It's Island Whiskey and Doctor Tea

He enjoys island whiskey (though isn’t much of a drinker) and loves drinking Doctor Tea (for reasons...well, quite obvious!).

Absolute Favorite: McDonald’s

Preferring the New Classic Trio over the Double Quarter Pounder. Despite being cautious about carbs, he can't resist their fries.

A Focus on "Image Quality"

JC pays great attention to image quality whether it’s watching Netflix, looking at print quality or online images. Speaking of which, the Apple Vision Pro's per-eye resolution is 3648*3144.

Glasses are Essential

Needless to say 🤓

A Cat Person

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