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Dr. Ju-Chun KO Universe
Contact JC

Summoning JC 🪄

Physical Contact Methods

Follow the rules below significantly increases your chances of getting in touch with JC. However, please note that JC might not respond to your contact. Even with increased probability, there's still only a 0.00001% chance. Therefore, use these rules cautiously.

Selected Communication Channels

Please try to contact JC in the following order:

Prioritize using Messenger

An instant messaging service provided by the Meta platform, available on Facebook (opens in a new tab) and Messenger (opens in a new tab) .

The account is dr.juchunko (opens in a new tab)

For more complex inquiries, use Email

Send your emails to [email protected]

Call only as a last resort

Please call +886-2-2358-6126

Prepare Your Contact Details

Prepare the following details to help JC understand your intention faster and increase the likelihood of a response:

  • Self-introduction: Please introduce yourself briefly, including your name and profession.
  • Reason for contacting: Briefly describe your purpose of contacting JC and the assistance you hope to receive from JC.
  • Include your contact information: Ensure your contact information is correct and easily accessible by JC.
  • Adhere to proper email format: Make sure your email format is correct and easy for JC to read.

If It's a Lecture Event Invitation

Prepare the following information so that JC can respond more quickly and make the best preparation for the event:

  • Date and Time: Please provide possible event dates, times, and most importantly, the duration of the event
  • Location: Please provide the location for JC's office to assess the travel plan before and after the event
  • Arrival and Departure: It would be appreciated if you could provide the latest arrival time and the earliest departure time
  • Speakers or Panelists: If possible, please provide the names of other speakers or panelists at the event
  • Audience Type and Number: Please provide the number and type of audience for the best outcome
  • Calendar Invitation: The start and end time should be the exact times of the event. Please note the location in the location field and include the outline of the talk, required arrival time in advance, etc., in the notes.