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Dr. Ju-Chun KO Universe
What does JC think?

What JC Thinks

A Coincidence of Fate, A Call of Duty

In the era of AI, we should commit ourselves to trying things we've never done before, challenging the construction of tasks that large language models have not yet established.

Towards an Advanced Parliament, Consensus for the Future

"Advanced" has three meanings:

Advanced Technology

The first meaning stands for advanced technology. "Taiwan is an island of advanced technology, but is the efficiency of the parliament, laws, and government agencies advanced enough?" Ju-Chun Ko commits to bringing the concept of advanced technology into Taiwan's governmental system.

Advanced Mentors

The second meaning represents his hope to learn from the parliament's seniors on how to promote legislation with his new identity.

Advanced Parliament

The third is about him going forward into the parliament, expecting others to follow. He believes that technology is closely related to life and looks forward to more people with a technological background entering the parliament in 4 years. Ju-Chun Ko mentioned, "Consensus for the Future" means seeing the future and building consensus among each other.

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